Current projects

The Trust lends support to applicants for grants who meet its criteria. It also has its own projects which receive regular financial support:


The National Cycle Archive is CHET’s major project. The principal objective of the Archive is to preserve original records relating to cycling in all its forms for the benefit of researchers and future generations.

The National Cycle Archive is housed in the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick where it is stored under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature. It is catalogued by the archivists at the centre and listed on the centre’s website.

The collection includes the records of many famous manufacturers, cycling clubs and individuals from the formative years of cycling history. There is a large collection of books and magazines. While some of the collection is on loan to the Trust, much of it has come via generous donations of materal from members of the public as well as through financial donations enabling purchase of some rare material.

Visitors are advised that it is not possible to “browse” the archive. Arrangements should be made to examine specific material so that it may be brought to the reading room before a visit.

Some of the material has been digitised and can be viewed via the National Cycle Archive. Watch for more digital galleries coming soon.


The Trust supports research leading to publication and sharing of ideas relating to cycling in order to raise its cultural profile.


The Trust organises conferences, and offers funding to assist with the organisation of conferences relating to cycling.

International Cycle History Conference (ICHC)

The Trust has supported this annual conference of academics and enthusiasts from around the world since it was first held in Glasgow in 1990. It has published some of the ICHC Proceedings released since then and continues to supply six copies for the UK copyright libraries each year. You can purchase copies of some of the conference proceedings here.


The National Cycle Archive has published a Bibliography of Cycling Books (see the Publications page) and continues to collect further information on books published (in English) relating to cycling.


The Trust has re-printed a number of publications which will soon be available to purchase through the CHET website. In the meantime, for book and other publication purchasing, please visit Cycle History (Publishing) Ltd.

Latest release:

DVD – Race Against The Clock.